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You ship it. We shoot it.

Widget Pics is an affordable solution for every business commercial photography needs. It is a proven fact that good product photography will drastically increase sales. We specialize in high quality product photography for print, catalog, packaging and internet sales.

We provide online or phone consultation before your items are photographed. Our work is guaranteed, you don't pay until you see the images. The images and rights are yours free and clear.

One of our main goals is to build long lasting relationships with our clients by providing superior pictures at an affordable price and in a timely manner.

Our studio is based in Simi Valley, CA. We have over 20 years of photography experience, and in that time have amassed an impressive array of equipment and the latest technologies enabling Widget Pics to continue to provide exceptional pictures and service.

Because each product and project is different Widget Pics has designed a package to fit your unique needs. From the "cover" to the catalog, some products need more attention to lighting, setup and post-processing than others do and all of Widget Pics's packages, Tradesman, Entrepreneur, and the Pro-Package, can be customized to fit your individual project needs. All packages use the same high quality equipment and result in the same great usable, sale-making photography.

Tradesman - $20 per image

Tradesman The basic and most popular package, all products are shot on a white background and delivered in a format that is ideal for web-based business use. We shoot based on your request and our extensive expertise. Once your images are photographed we do the necessary editing to deliver usable imagery. If you are not satisfied with the images we can make minor digital adjustments but there will be a charge for reshooting if requested. Upgrades available from the basic Tradesman package: Tradesman with custom background add $5

Entrepreneur - $50 per image

Entrepreneur A cost-effective package for trying out a variety of backgrounds and other marketing ideas for your product. The Entrepreneur allows you to choose from multiple image ideas. You are then given a choice from a variety of photos before the final image choice is edited and delivered. After seeing the first round of proofs you are welcome to a reshoot if you are not satisfied. The Entrepreneur comes with high-resolution photography and multiple formats.

Pro-Package - $100 per image

Pro-Package. The most comprehensive product photography service the Pro-Package gets the most out of your product. Extra time is spent arranging your product in a variety of angles and settings, getting the images just right. You then view the proofs before choosing the final photos. We will do up to three changes and reshoots before your final images are delivered.


What are the steps of using Widget Pics?

1. Place order with our order form.
2. We will send you a confirmation email where to ship your product. We will address any
    questions we have about your order.
3. We will email you when we receive your product and address any further questions we
     have after inspecting your items.
4. We will photograph your product and post proof images on our client download site. Depending
     on the package you ordered we would then send a payment request.
5. Once payment has been made, you will have full access to download the final images from our site.
6. We ship your products back to you with a CD of your product photography.

Why should I use Widget Pics?

We have over 20 years experience if photography and graphic arts. We use top of the line
photographic equipment. Excellent customer service, we are not happy until you are satisfied
with you imagery. Good photography will drastically increase your sales and describe your
products much better.

Why are the prices so low?

Studio photography can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars our theory is to keep our
overhead low, the pictures simple and good. Our equipment is always setup and ready to shoot.
We use an extensive order form to keep excess communication down. We both know what you
want before I receive your product.

How long does it take?

Up to 7 working days Entrepreneur and Pro Packages depending on
the number of revisions. Up to a 5 working day turnaround on Tradesman package.
Turnaround time is from when package is received to download available. We try to get your photographs
as soon as possible depending on the amount or orders we currently have. Most of the time we
deliver within 3 days.

What if I'm not happy with the photos?

We will do our best to make you happy. We will communicate before taking any photographs to
make sure we understand your vision. Depending on the package we can re-shoot your item.
Keep in mind what package you are getting, if you want imagery that is very specific, you might
want to go with a higher end package. If we make the appropriate changes and you still are not
happy, you don't pay. You still pay for shipping.

What are proofs?

Proofs are smaller representation of the original photographs. These product photographs will have
watermarks through them. Watermarks are to prevent to use of the photograph before payment
is made. These images are usual not final and are more for angle and lighting. Dependent on what package you

What if one of your packages doesn't work for me?

The packages are scaleable; say if you want the Tradesman Package but want to receive high
resolution finials we can apply an additional charge for this. If you ordered the Pro-Package and
it was allot easier than expected, we can reduce the price to the Entrepreneur Package.

What happens after I order?

Once you order you will receive a reply with an exact quote (if applicable), shipping instructions,
and an approximate turnaround time. We will address any questions we have with your order.
We will also email a page to include in each package for special shooting instructions on your
products. This page included helps us identify and track your products.

What should I do before I order?
Look for samples on the internet or in catalogs of what kind of imagery you are looking for.
Check out your competition and get ideas from them. Save these images and send them to us.
You can email or mail them with your product.
Get all your products together and lay them out. Put your items on a clean table and pretend
you are the photographer. You will get a better idea of what angles and positing your product
will look its best. We have had to do re-shoots that could have been avoided by doing this.
Don't forget to have a notepad handy, take notes and draw sketches (don't worry about your
artistic ability). Send your notes with the shipment.
Catalog your products; make a list with names and descriptions. i.e. widget model #1234,
description: 2" blue sphere. Sometimes we don't know what to call your items and can cause
confusion, if you have many different items especially if they are industry specific, bag and label
them. We have shot the wrong products because of these kinds of mix-ups.
Check your products for blemishes and problems. Make sure you send the best-looking items
you have. We do touch up on your items but have had cases we couldn't because of extensive

I want to send 5 items now and 5 later, can I get the quantity discount?
Normally no, in some cases this might be ok. The imagery will turn out better if we shoot your
product at the same time, especially similar product. We want all your photographs to be
consistent. It takes a while to recreate lighting and camera angles from a previous shoot and
the images wont are a true match.

Do you sell my Images?

Who owns the images?
You own the images. You can do anything you want with them. I will use the imagery to
promote Widget Pics and John G Bunt. Please let us know upfront if you would not like us to
use your images or any references to you or your business to promote Widget Pics or John G

What are your payment methods?
Credit cards, Paypal, money orders and checks. Checks will need to clear before you receive
your final images.

Can you shoot props with my product photography or create sets?
Yes, depending what you want we can accommodate most situations. Complex sets are
available only with the Entrepreneur and Pro Packages. Contact us for details.

Do you offer any other services?
We try to stick to photography. We also do logo and package design. Contact us for further info.

How do you deliver my images?
Most of our clients download from our client download site. We can also deliver CDs when we
return your product.

Can I come to the shoot?
Normally no, we are efficient and affordable because we shoot at our own pace and don't have
to schedule shooting times. Let us know your situation, sometimes it is helpful having the clients
on the shoots.

Do you use models? And what is the pricing?
Yes we can incorporate models into your photography. This will drastically increase the price
and complexity of the project.
We are getting more requests for modeling, so we will be working on order structure. For now
give us a call. Prices and setup are variable dependant on your situation.

Do you have different colored backgrounds?
Yes, We have a limited background selection. We can add most any color digitally once the
photo is taken. See some of the backgrounds on the samples page. Custom backgrounds are
only available on Entrepreneur and Pro-Packages.

How can I protect my images from being stolen and used by my completion?
I strongly suggest the use of watermarks or an identifying logo and copyright information. We
can help you with this, most of the time for free. Please protect yourself from this. It has happen
to us.

What is the resolution of the photographs?
2000x3008 pixels in JPEG format. TIFF format are available free of charge on request.
See specific packages for details.

Can you match existing photography or web images?
Yes, I would need samples up front. Extra charges might incur depending on the complexity of
the images.

How do you shoot clothing?
We can shoot on mannequins or on a flat surface. We provide pressing on site or professional
pressing offsite. An extra charge will apply for pressing. We will give you an exact quote before
taking your order.

Will these images work on my website?
We will produce images suitable for all websites, it is up to you or your webmaster to insert and
resize images to your specific sites design. We can match to specific size and formats to better
suit your site. We can view your site and determine what you generally need.

Do I have to pay extra for touch-ups?
All packages come with touch-ups, color correcting, and background balancing, to make it
white. See specific packages for details. Your images are ready to be used.

Do you archive my images?
We back them up on removable drives and DVD. We will have them as long as possible but we
do not offer any guarantee on storing your images.

Does high resolution mean better looking images?
No, we shoot all photography in high resolution and depending on the package we will reduce the
image size to finish editing. High resolution means bigger image size, ideal for print media.

Can you change the color of my items?
Yes, this is common and in some cases it is ideal for web stores. You might have 8 different
colored shirts, one of your pages can have one of the shirts with color swatches to click and
change the color. This will seamlessly change the color of the shirt without distracting the user
of a different picture.

What happens if I'm not happy with one of the Tradesman Package images?
If it is a simple digital enhancement we can usual produce this with no charge. If we have to re-
photograph your product a $10 fee will apply. Try to convey all information up front to avoid this.

Package Comparison Pro-Package
3 1 0
Images to
choose from
Up to 4 Up to 2 1
Resolution Pixels
4928X3264 4928X3264 4928X3264
Print Resolution
11"x17" 11"x17" 11"x17"
Multiple Sizes and Formats Up to 6 Up to 3 1
Custom Background Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
Composites Yes Yes No
Text Yes Yes No
Delivery Download\CD Download\CD Download
All All Final
Product Size limitation No 4'x4' 3'X3'
Price per image $100 $50 $15-$20*
Minimum Order
No No Yes
Preview Before Payment Yes Yes Yes


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